NanoGuard X

Antibacterial Coating for Surface Protection. Our NanoGuard X packs come with Surface Prep & Surface Guard solutions for effective antimicrobial protection.

NanoGuard X Antimicrobial Surface Coating Protective Liquid Glass

NanoGuard X


Medisafe supplies offer effective solutions for infection control during the COVID-19 Pandemic. For supermarkets and retail stores staying open, practicing safe social distancing measures is essential. Medisafe supplies offer social distancing stickers for queues, aisles and general store floors, antimicrobial stickers, and health and safety stickers to educate prevention of further spread of the pandemic.

We also offer surgical 3-ply face masks, medical gloves and hand sanitisers in various sizes, along with custom branded signage and stickers.

custom graphics for social distancing stickers

Custom Graphics & Stickers

We can also produce customised graphics & stickers for your premises. Antimicrobial stickers can also be purchased at customised shapes/sizes

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